Om Kassen

At a glance: Cocktails, good prices, two for one, young crowd, party

If you like good prices and young, beautiful people Kassen is the place to go. It’s located on the busy street Nørrebrogade close to the Copenhagen lakes in the hip area of Nørrebro. The cocktails are big and if you come during happy hour you get two for only 80 kr which is a about as cheap as it gets in this quit expensive city.

They serve classic cocktails such as long island ice teas, espresso martinis and amaretto sour and later in the evening the menu changes with a focus on the more sophisticated cocktails. The décor is minimalistic with high tables and chairs along the walls and the long bar as the center of the room.
It might not be the best cocktail bar in the city, but it’s definitely not the worst either.

And Kassen is know for having a lot of beautiful girls a among their customers, which is always a good thing for a bar to have.

Kassen is the kind of place you go to have a party, and the opening hours are in line with that profile. Friday and Saturday they close at four in the morning, and all guests are welcome. While most are younger than your normal cocktail bar crowd, you also find many people in their 30’s enjoying drinks and party here, many of the guests are in their early or mid twenties.



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