Om Lidkoeb

At a glance: Cocktails, Chill-out, Three Floors, Whiskey, Beer, Cozy, Party, Events, English Menus, Relaxed, Design

Hidden away from the famous and crowded street of Vesterbrogade you will find the multi-purpose house originated back to 1886. The first thing you will meet is the open yard terrace, where you perhaps will enjoy an early evening, and where food and wine events sometimes take place.

Lidkoeb is a big scale bar and cocktail project, which is inspired by the facilities, that for almost 100 years contained a laboratory for an old danish pharmacy. “Lidkoeb” means celebrating over drinks, and you will easily end up celebrating, when you visit this modern and light-filled cocktail bar. The interior changes for every floor, and so does the atmosphere. At the first and second floor you will find the cocktail menu and beer taps, but on the third floor you walk directly into a whiskey heaven with low light, chesterfield furnitures and jazzy feel.

This floor only takes seated guests and has a huge selection of world whiskeys. Lidkoeb opens at 4pm and closes 2am, and during that time the place often transforms from cozy and chilled hangout to a welcoming party scene with louder music. Lidkoeb has since the opening in 2012 become famous for the transformation from wine bodega to a relaxed, quality cocktail bar – and a beautiful and respectful restoration of the old building.

The menu contains classic cocktails, but also danish specialities and own creations such as the “Vesterhavs Old Fashioned” with prices ranging from 80-110 DKK. The place has a special, easygoing feel to it, that attracts all kinds of people from hipsters to suited business men, and there is a good chance you will connect and chat with other guests in the bar or in one of the many booths. A great spot whether you seek a friendly and cozy cocktail bar, or maybe a party in the weekend.



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